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Kevin Durant takes another shot at former teammate Kendrick Perkins

Kevin Durant isn’t even close to getting back on the court, but he’s still delivering the dunks as the NBA season continues on in the Orlando bubble.

The Brooklyn Nets superstar is sitting out the shortened season in Orlando recovering from an Achilles tear.

Durant is staying active despite being injured, reigniting a long-running feud with a former teammate.

Former NBA player turned ESPN personality Kendrick Perkins has never been afraid to say what’s on his mind.

Unfortunately for Perkins, no one is afraid to fire back at him. In their most recent spat, Durant went hard at Perk.

Appearing on the WNBA podcast Tea with A and Phee, hosted by Las Vegas Aces’ forward A’ja Wilson and Minnesota forward Napheesa Collier, Durant was asked about Perkins’ output during the 2013-14 season.

Durant, who was the league-leading scorer that season, guessed Perkins averaged 5.4 points per game but was surprised when he was told what his actual average was.

Listen below:

Collier: “How many points did your teammate Kendrick Perkins average that year?”

Durant: “5.4.”

Collier: “Lower.”

Durant: “Oh wow that’s terrible … 4.2.”

Collier: “Lower.”

Durant: “No way he averaged less than 4 points per game.”

Collier: “He averaged 3.4.”

Durant: “Oh my gosh … yo he really averaged 3.5 points a game?”

Wilson: “That’s a good GPA.”

Collier: “Less than 3.5.”

Durant: “That’s terrible.”

Calling a former teammate terrible is all you need to know about KD and Perk’s relationship. Your move Perk.