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Kyle Shanahan addresses possibility of Trey Lance getting more reps with starters

49ers rookie quarterback Trey Lance flashed in stretches in his NFL debut, and many are wondering if he’ll win the starting job from Jimmy Garoppolo.

But head coach Kyle Shanahan isn’t ready to hand over the keys just yet.

Lance missed a lot of throws, completing only 5-of-14 passes he attempted, for 128 yards. But he did excite fans and analysts alike on an 80-yard touchdown. Lance rolled left, threw across his body then hit wide receiver Trent Sherfield in stride for an 80-yard touchdown.

That play highlighted a one-play, 18-second scoring drive, and showed Lance’s quick-strike potential. Shanahan shared his thoughts on Lance’s performance after the game.

“I don’t know,” Shanahan said, via Pro Football Talk. “I haven’t really defined that for myself either. Just when I think it feels right, when he seems ready, when I think the team seems ready. I mean, we’ll continue to mix him in there. But I don’t plan on just doing that completely. But Trey, what he showed in that game is, you know, I wish I could have left them there longer. I know he enjoys playing and he’s only been able to play one game in over a year, but I think it was good for him to get out. I think he started out good, got a little excited sometimes which he does. And you get a little excited, some of your technique and stuff you lose which will be fun to watch with him. Trey’s a guy who’s tough on himself and loves to correct things and since we’ve had him he’s been very good at correcting mistakes.”

We can’t wait to see more of him going forward. The Garoppolo era could be coming to a close.