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Kyle Van Noy has high praise for former teammate Devin McCourty

Kyle Van Noy and Devin McCourty may not be teammates any longer, but they did win a Super Bowl together, and there’s clearly a great deal of respect for one another.

McCourty is known to be a locker-room leader, as he’s a humble, approachable player that not only holds together the secondary, but helps do that for the entire team as a whole.

And Van Noy, who is a veteran himself, with some leadership ability, is apparently a big fan of his.

The former Patriots linebacker, who now plays for the Titans — aka Patriots West — shared some extremely kind words about McCourty on Bleacher Report’s “The Lefkoe Show.”

“He’s like my older, little brother,” Van Noy said, as transcribed by NESN. “Him and J-Mac (Jason McCourty) kind of took me under their wings a little bit. I talk to them almost every day. What Dev has taught me, money can’t buy. That’s how powerful his leadership is. That’s how powerful he is on the field. His knowledge of the game and life is amazing. His ability to be the coach on the field, calling every play right, knowing what the opponent’s gonna do — it’s crazy to even describe because of how it goes unnoticed, which is crazy. …He’s really remarkable, what he does. I think, to me, a lot of safeties are in that one-dimensional, one-trick pony, but he can do it all. You need him to play man-to-man, he can play. You need him to play in the box — does he want to? Maybe not, but he’ll do it and he does it really good. You want to play him middle post? He can do it. He can do it all.”

McCourty is respected by so many around the NFL world.