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Kyrie Irving already appears to question Steve Nash’s role as head coach

It’s not even officially the offseason for all NBA teams, yet Kyrie Irving already appears to be raising some questions about a potential power struggle with the Nets’ new head coach.

Steve Nash was hired to replace Kenny Atkinson, a move that was a bit surprising, given all the coaches with experience and a history of success out there this particular year. But it’s a superstar-driven league, and Kevin Durant’s prior relationship with Nash sure appeared to have factored into the Nets’ decision.

But the Nets have two stars on its roster, and the other one may have not have had as much input on the team’s hire as Durant did. Kyrie Irving has been speaking his mind a lot this week — including some apparent shade at LeBron James — and he also shared an interesting take on Nash’s role with the team. It sure looks like Irving appears to think that the players will coach the Nets more than Nash will.

“I don’t really see us having a head coach,” Irving said on The ETCs with Kevin Durant. “K.D. could be a head coach; I could be a head coach.”

Those guys could be a head coach, but that title belongs to Nash, so Irving should probably support the team’s big offseason hire, rather than setting the stage for a power struggle.