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Lakers still to offer ring to Avery Bradley if they win title

Avery Bradley has been an integral part of the Lakers’ success this season, but he won’t be joining the team in the Orlando “bubble,” due to his beliefs about social justice.

However, the team still considers him as a part of what they’ve accomplished this year, helping them get to this point, as the No. 1 seed. And if they do win a title, they’ll view him as a part of it.

The Lakers have compiled a 49-14 record, and Bradley’s defense on the wing has helped them big-time. He’s a great two-way player, and fits well alongside Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

As such, if the Lakers do win a title, they’ll offer Bradley a championship ring, which he told Yahoo Sports.

“Yes, (Lakers general manager) Rob Pelinka made me aware of the Lakers offering me a ring if they win the championship,” said Bradley. “It’s a very kind gesture on their part. … In regards to my team, I am positive they will be fine. A championship is meaningful in this league. That energy alone will see them through and I support them.

“Will I accept the ring? I’m neither here nor there about it,” added Bradley, who has yet to win a championship in his career. “I am 10 years in this league. The physical possession of a ring doesn’t make me feel like more or less of a person. I play basketball strictly for enjoyment and to add to the support of my family. Supporting them is exactly what I’m doing right now.”

It really is incredible that Bradley would even consider not accepting a ring, but if that’s how he feels, so be it.