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Lamar Jackson explains why Patrick Mahomes’ contract is ‘crazy’ for Chiefs QB

Patrick Mahomes is now the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, and other signal-callers around the league are taking note of his massive deal.

Mahomes didn’t simply agree to a three or four-year deal like so many others have done in recent years; instead, he signed a 10-year monster contract. It will pay him over $500 million if he meets all his incentives, and that’s if it isn’t restructured at some point, which seems highly unlikely.

In looking at the guaranteed money, and especially what it looks like over the next few years, it’s really not that great for Mahomes, yet benefits the team big-time. Mahomes has yet to truly address it, but it sure looks like he took less money in hopes of winning more Super Bowl rings, a la Tom Brady.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson appears to be in line for a big payday himself in the coming years, so he shared his thoughts on Mahomes’ deal during a recent “SportsCenter” appearance.

“It’s a crazy number,” Jackson said. “No one has ever dreamed about that. Probably dreamed about it, but no one ever expected that. Half a billion dollars. That’s different. But he deserves it. He deserves it.”

“I got to win me a Super Bowl. I got to get what he has,” Jackson said.

A Super Bowl ring and money — life is pretty good for Mahomes.