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Lamar Jackson talks up Dez Bryant, hopes Ravens will work him out

The Ravens have a number of weapons on the offensive side of the ball, but it sure looks like the team’s quarterback would like to have an additional veteran receiver to throw to.

Lamar Jackson campaigned hard for the team to sign Antonio Brown — despite all the off-field baggage he brings — but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen at this time. And now he’s talking up another veteran receiver who’s been out of the league, having come back from an Achilles injury.

Dez Bryant tore his Achilles in November 2018, after having signed with the Saints, but missing the opportunity to play in an actual game. He’s been working out hard ever since, and he does look to be in good shape. And while he seems a lot older, he’s actually only 31 years old, so an NFL comeback is a legitimate possibility.

Jackson hopes it will be with the Ravens, as he praised Bryant, and urged the Ravens to work out the veteran receiver.

“We’ve got a lot of great receivers on the team right now,”¬†Jackson said, via the team’s official website. “It’s up to the front office. I’ve been seeing Dez Bryant on Instagram and stuff like that, running his routes, competing against cornerbacks. He’s looking pretty good on social media. If the front office likes him, we’ll have to see when he gets here.”

We’d love to see the Bryant comeback tour in 2020, and won’t be surprised if he gets a shot to play somewhere.