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Latest Sixers rumors indicate Ty Lue, team have mutual interest to fill head coach void

The Nets are casting a wide net in an attempt to fill their head coaching position, which is why the Sixers may be forced to look outside the box a bit, if they wish to hire someone soon.

Brooklyn has expressed interest in Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson and even Gregg Popovich — who is currently under contract with the Spurs — to fill their head coaching void. But there are still some solid names out there with coaching experience, even if they’re not the big names everyone is talking about.

For one, Tyronn Lue is currently on the Clippers staff as an assistant, and he helped coach the Cavs — along with LeBron James — to a title. Dethroning the Warriors, and coming back from a 3-1 deficit to do so, is no simple task, and Lue deserves credit for that.

Apparently, the Sixers have their eye on him, and vice versa, as a report from Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated states exactly that.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski echoed those sentiments shortly after Mannix posted his tweet.

This would be an interesting fit, as Lue is more of a players’ coach, and the Sixers appear to need more of a disciplinarian to get guys like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons to play up to their potential, consistently, and keep their heads in the game. Still, Lue is a name to watch going forward in the Sixers head coaching search.