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LeBron James reveals he once saved Carmelo Anthony’s life on vacation

The adventures of the Banana Boat crew are well documented, as the photos and videos nearly broke social media a number of years ago, but LeBron James recently shared an interesting story that really makes that epic summer trip even more compelling.

For some backstory, in case you weren’t aware, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony went on vacation in 2015, hitting up the Bahamas together, and having a lot of fun on one particular banana boat.

These superstars shared videos of how much fun they were having on social media while on the trip, giving the social media universe some serious FOMO. But apparently, there was one particular story that was left out, and it’s not a situation that anyone would’ve found themselves in.

Apparently, the group went snorkeling, but after getting back to the boat, James realized that Anthony was not on. So he went back in the water, eventually found Melo, and helped him back to the boat, which he revealed to reporters on a conference call Monday.

“I just knew that he was not back in the boat with the rest of us, so I went out looking for him,” James said, via ESPN. “And through the grace of God and through strength and not being afraid of the water, I was able to help him back to the boat. It was the only thing that was on my mind at that point and time, was getting my brother back to the boat.”

Scary stuff, but we’re glad to hear Anthony was OK, and that James helped get him to safety.