Josh Hart Lonzo Ball High Five

Lonzo Ball ices Josh Hart, jokes with him on Twitter

Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball and the Pelicans won their first game in over three months against the Nets on Wednesday, dominating the second half of the scrimmage to earn a 99-68 win.

But the play that stands out wasn’t a highlight dunk, or a dagger three pointer, it was Lonzo Ball leaving Josh Hart hanging.

After the game, Hart made sure to call Zo out on Twitter in what turned into a hilarious exchange between the two.

Chipotle also chimed in, and Hart showed them some love:

At this point If I’m Hart I’d just stop trying to give people high fives.

It really hasn’t worked out all that well, and there’s that pesky pandemic, so no one will be offended if he keeps his hands to himself.