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Heat play videos of their fans cheering them on during games

This isn’t your father’s televised NBA games.

We already know that watching live sports is going to be very different, as fans are no longer allowed to attend games, but teams are doing the best they can to try to make the stands feel as full as possible without actually putting any bodies in the seats.

And scrimmages will be a bit different:

But wow, they really are different.

The NBA returned to action and the Miami Heat showed the basketball world how they plan on including some of their fans for their “home” games inside the bubble.

They’ve got two different recordings of their fans cheering them on.

The first one is “Let’s Go Heat!”, and the second one is the classic “Defense!” chant.

Of course the fans in the video don’t have masks on, but with modern day technology, I’m sure they can digitize them on if need be.

Better than nothing.