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Lou Williams paid for lap dances at Magic City strip club

It turns out that Clippers guard Lou Williams didn’t only go to Magic City for the lemon-pepper wings, after all.

Williams found himself in hot water when he was seen in a photo at Magic City strip club in Atlanta, while on an excused absence from the Orlando bubble, due to a funeral he was attending. It resulted in him getting quarantined for 10 days, forcing him to miss at least the team’s first two games, and wasn’t a good look for him.

He attempted to downplay the issue by claiming he was only at the strip club for their lemon-pepper wings, which were actually named after him.

Well, he may not have been there for the wings only — and the “chicken” breasts, thighs and legs may have been involved as well.

A report from Jenny Jarvie of the Los Angeles Times states that a dancer named Aries claims she danced for Williams, with an important detail as well.

“He tipped very well,” Aries said.

It seems as if Aries made out much better from this exchange than Williams did.