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Lou Williams shares interesting take on Clippers’ approach to NBA season restart

Players around the NBA are choosing not to join their teammates in the Orlando “bubble” for the 2019-20 season restart, but the Clippers apparently are united in their decision.

Everyone on the Clippers — even those who have been outspoken about social justice issues — has chosen to play in Orlando. Even though, in the past, guys like Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell and others have taken up promoting the cause.

But winning a title is important, and, for many, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Clippers have a great opportunity to do exactly that. In fact, they’re the team we’ve picked to win it all, since January.

Williams recently spoke about how the team’s players agreed to collectively play in Orlando, and apparently, it was an “all or nothing” approach.

“We spoke as the group. We spoke as a team. And we decided that our decision was going to be everybody or nobody,” Williams said. “So, once we sat down, we had a conversation. We decided to take a vote. And we just had more things in common and we just decided that we were going to come (to Orlando) as a group.

“I’m part of the group. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas of the things that I felt strongly about personally, but I represent a group. I represent an organization. And so, ultimately, that led to my decision.”

It’s great to see the players got together and made the decision as a group — with everyone on the same page.