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Marcus Stroman shares high expectations for 2021 free agency

The Mets acquired superstar pitcher Marcus Stroman right around the 2019 trade deadline, and he has high hopes for his new team.

In fact, he’s already betting on himself for next year, essentially guaranteeing that he’s going to have a strong 2020 season (and given the videos we’ve seen of his intense offseason workouts, we tend to agree).

Stroman is essentially playing on a one-year “prove-it” deal with his new team, worth $12 million for this season. He’ll then become a free agent, and that’s when he believes he’ll be worthy of a massive payday.

Stroman does raise good points, and we believe he’ll be one of the top pitchers on the free-agent market, assuming he stays healthy. Aside from an awful 2018 season, he’s been extremely consistent throughout his career, and we could see the Mets offering him a big contract this winter.