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Mariners reveal perfect outfield fan display at T-Mobile Park with Steve Bartman, Jeffrey Maier cutouts

MLB teams are doing whatever it takes to maintain some semblance of home-field advantage, and to keep fans in engaged during games, despite playing games in empty stadiums.

It’s become quite a challenge, as the coronavirus pandemic has completely turned the sports world upside down. As a result, teams have been forced to get a bit creative in terms of gameday experience, specifically what type of music they play, and when they do it, as well as their display in the stands.

There are no fans there, so teams have had some fun attempting to “fill” the empty space. The Mariners really did a great job of that recently, adding cardboard cutouts of fans that became outfield “legends” — Jeffrey Maier and Steve Bartman — for the way they became involved in key playoff games.

It sure looks like neither Bartman nor Maier will ever live their level of involvement down.