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Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown reveals diet plan for how he gained 23 pounds during offseason

Ravens receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown has always been known for his vertical speed, but the NFL requires a lot more than that, so he focused on bulking up this offseason.

And given how he’s looked at training camp, he apparently succeeded.

Brown appears to be aware of the fact that — to stay healthy, and also gain separation from defensive backs — he needed to be a bit more physical. He was only 157 pounds when his rookie season concluded, so he set an offseason goal to hit 180.

The team helped him out with a nutrition plan, having him eat 4,000 calories per day, with plenty of protein, and he followed it. Brown now says he hit his target of 180 pounds, and he did it with this nutrition plan.

He sure looks bigger, so if anyone’s looking to bulk up, just follow this plan. Protein shakes and essential fatty acids will do it.