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Matt Cassel buying into Tom Brady, Bucs Super Bowl hype

One of Tom Brady’s former teammates believes that even at 43 years old, the man many perceive to be the GOAT can still win another Super Bowl.

Brady has won more championship rings than any quarterback in NFL history, and it’s hard to envision anyone else will win six anytime soon, although a case can be made for Patrick Mahomes.

And the crazy thing is that even at his age, he has a good shot at winning a seventh this year. The Bucs are listed at 9:1 odds to win the Super Bowl, even with Aaron Rodgers — who’s playing at an MVP level — likely standing in their way.

But the Bucs are playing well, having rattled off four consecutive victories since their bye week. And Matt Cassel — who once backed up Brady in New England — believes they can win the Super Bowl.

“When you’re winning games and playing with confidence,” Cassel wrote in a column on NBC Sports Boston. “That’s a dangerous combination in the playoffs.”

He continued:

“With no offseason and going right into camp, he probably wasn’t able to have the same impact of putting his stamp on the offense,” he added.

Cassel does raise some great points there, but we’ll see how it all plays out. The Bucs’ success will likely hinge on keeping Brady upright.