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Michael Brockers takes a shot at JJ Watt

JJ Watt may be an All-Pro, but it doesn’t look like a player on a division rival team is all that worried about playing against him next season.

Watt had played the entirety of his NFL career for the Texans, up until the team released him last month. He chose to sign with the Cardinals last week, in a bit of a surprising move. Even more surprising was Arizona signing Watt to a two-year deal, with $23 million guaranteed ($31 million total). It was roughly double what other teams were reportedly offered for the oft-injured defensive lineman, whose best years are clearly behind him.

There was a time when Watt and Aaron Donald were the two best defensive players in the NFL, and were neck-and-neck in the Defensive Player of the Year debate. But the 31-year-old Watt’s production has slowed, while Donald is still at the top of his game, having been named DPOY three of the past five seasons, including his most recent campaign.

Donald’s teammate, Michael Brockers, made sure to remind the world of that, while slighting Watt in the process.

“We all know who the real 9-9 is,” Brockers told TMZ Sports.

The Cardinals-Rams matchups next season figure to be even more juicy going forward, and we can’t wait to watch the two teams square off.