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Michael Irvin likens Cowboys drafting CeeDee Lamb to Warriors signing Kevin Durant

It was announced on Tuesday that Deion Sanders has parted ways with NFL Network, which essentially meant that one of his former colleagues needed to step up and deliver a hot take in his absence.

Sure enough, Michael Irvin delivered.

Irvin is one of the greatest wide receivers the NFL has ever seen, so he knows how to scout the position as well as anyone. He’s also a former Cowboy, so he makes sure to show some support for the organization’s decisions when possible.

The Cowboys selected CeeDee Lamb with the 17th overall pick in the draft earlier this year, and many are projecting the Oklahoma product to develop into a top-tier receiver. Irvin sure appears to be in that camp, comparing the Cowboys’ decision to the Warriors’ signing of Kevin Durant in free agency a few years ago.

“What the Dallas Cowboys did in the 2020 NFL Draft by adding CeeDee Lamb to the No. 1 offense in the National Football League is almost tantamount to Kevin Durant being added to a 73-win Warriors team,”┬áIrvin said.

That’s absolutely ridiculous, no matter what level of player Lamb develops into. Durant is one of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen, and he helped take the Warriors to a level they could not achieve on their own — garnering back-to-back Finals MVP honors (2017, 2018). And Lamb is just a receiver, not a quarterback, pass-rusher or another position a team can really build a franchise around. Let’s get real here.