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Mike Malone reveals that he once had coronavirus in past

The NBA continues to relay that it will do whatever it can to protect players, coaches and staffers in Orlando, amid the spread of the coronavirus, but it won’t be easy.

It’s a difficult situation, as the pandemic has swept the globe, and has had a major impact on how organizations operate. The NBA, however, doesn’t have the benefit of using Zoom to play a game, whereas other companies do. And that makes what they’re attempting to accomplish — crowning a champion for the 2019-20 season — extremely difficult.

But the league has made it clear they’re taking all necessary precautions to prevent everyone involved from being infected. Still, players have expressed their concerns about it. A number of NBA’ers contracted the virus a few months ago, and apparently, so did Nuggets head coach Michael Malone.

“I like to say that I got coronavirus and I kicked its butt,” Malone said, in an interview with CBS4 Denver.

“I’d say around March 20, I started not feeling well, and we began reaching out to team doctors to see if I could get a test,” Malone said. “Unfortunately, at that time, there was no testing available.

“So I only found out after the fact. I was able to get an antibody test probably right around Memorial Day weekend and not surprisingly our team doctor called up that weekend and told me I tested positive.”

We’re glad to see Malone is healthy now, at least.