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Patrick Beverley stands by LeBron James’ decision on NBA season restart

Not all the NBA world agrees with Kyrie Irving’s stance regarding the 2019-20 season restart, apparently.

Irving came out and threatened not going to Orlando for the NBA’s 22-team format for resuming the season, but he and Dwight Howard have really been the only two to do so so far.

LeBron James has been fairly quiet on social media thus far, but he has hinted that he’ll be ready to play. And if you ask Patrick Beverley, well, if LBJ is on board, then so is the NBA community as a whole.

Irving can say what he wants, but we find it hard to believe that NBA players will turn down money, which can help support their local community, as well as their families. At the end of the day, there will be games in the coming weeks, whether Kyrie likes it or not.