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Mike McCarthy explains why Cowboys defense will be key to achieving positive results this season

There’s a lot of talk about the Cowboys potentially fielding a top-five offense — similar to last season — but the team’s head coach believes their success or failure will depend on the other side of the ball.

Dallas’ defense ranked in the middle of the league for most areas last season, which is actually fairly impressive, given that they were without a capable quarterback for the majority of the season, which made their job more difficult. So to that point, the case can be made for optimism heading into the 2021 season.

But the Cowboys lost a few starters in the secondary, and the unit will likely get tested early and often this year by opposing teams, especially playing in the NFC East.

Mike McCarthy seems confident about the Cowboys defense as a whole, though, indicating that they’ve improved since last season.

Of course McCarthy is going to talk up his guys, but we have a hard time seeing the Cowboys defense not regressing this year. It will come down to how the young guys fare in the secondary, and we’ll soon find out.