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Nationals GM Mike Rizzo explains why he fired coffee-throwing staffer

The Nationals made news for a bizarre reason recently, when video of a man on their payroll throwing multiple cups of coffee at a woman in a convenience store surfaced.

The incident in question took place in the Dominican Republic, and it involved Jazhiel Morel, who was working in the team’s Dominican operations department.

It was an awful look, and the team didn’t simply discipline him or just give him a slap on the wrist. No, instead, they wasted no time in firing him, and general manager Mike Rizzo recently explained why it was an easy decision to make, during a radio appearance with the Sports Junkies.

“That wasn’t such a difficult maneuver to make,” Rizzo said, as transcribed by NBC Sports Washington. “It’s something that was unacceptable in life in general but it’s certainly unacceptable to be a Washington National employee and act towards women that way and act toward people in general that way. So that wasn’t so difficult.” 

Props to the Nationals for handling that situation so quickly, and for sending an example that that type of behavior by one of their employees is not acceptable.