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NBA rumors indicate Celtics looking to acquire Lonzo Ball

The Celtics’ decision to move Kemba Walker puts them in the market for a point guard, and lucky for them, there are a few suitable candidates available.

Russell Westbrook is off the board, being the first point guard to switch teams this summer, having been traded to the Lakers. But there are still some other veterans available.

One of the most popular names is Lonzo Ball, who’s been linked to trade rumors since shortly after he arrived to New Orleans. But he’s now a restricted free agent. The hope was that he would develop chemistry with Zion Williamson, and while that has happened to an extent, Lonzo simply can’t shoot. He’s a better fit on a team that has perimeter shooters, so he can spread the ball around and run the offense.

Enter the Celtics.

Boston figures to be a great fit for Ball, and a report from Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer states that the Celtics are interested in acquiring him.

The Pelicans don’t appear all that interested in retaining Ball, and the latest rumors are that they won’t pay more than $18 million per year for him. So if the Celtics can outbid the Pelicans, that offer likely won’t be matched.

It would be an interesting move, as the Celtics have the coaching staff to get the most out of Ball, whereas other teams have failed. Playing for Boston might be the best fit for him, as a potential landing spot for a career revival.