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Old LeBron James quote goes viral after Lakers signed Carmelo Anthony

LeBron James wasn’t able to lure Chris Paul to the Lakers, but he settled for a different member of the “Banana Boat Crew.”

Carmelo Anthony signed a one-year deal with Los Angeles on Tuesday, becoming one of many 30+ year old players on the team’s roster. It sure looks like the Lakers are valuing experience and basketball IQ over athleticism, in an attempt to “win now.”

It’s likely that LeBron James lobbied for the team to sign Melo, given that the two fellow 2003 draft class members have expressed the desire to play with one another in the past. In fact, James once indicated that he would’ve loved to have played on the same squad with the entire Banana Boat Crew.

Dwyane Wade retired, and Chris Paul’s new contract will likely see him retire in Phoenix, so LBJ will have to settle for the next best thing.