Jason Garrett tries to assert dominance over reporters at press conference

Jason Garrett has been criticized for coming off as a bit weak and easygoing, both on and off the field, and he may be trying to alter that reputation.

Giants head coach Joe Judge is known as a disciplinarian, while Garrett was on the other end of a spectrum as players’ coach. But it’s possible that the two discussed coaching strategy over the offseason, and maybe Garrett is looking to make some changes.

It’s only training camp, after all, and yet, Garrett shot down a reporter’s attempt to make conversation on a personal level. Instead, he insisted on being called “coach,” not “Jason.”

That seemed to take the New York media off guard, and drew some sarcastic reactions.

It is a bit ridiculous, as training camp is where coaches usually let their hair down and humanize themselves a bit. The Giants have yet to even take the field for exhibition play, yet Garrett is already attempting to draw the line between him and the media.

Good luck getting any softball questions from reporters in the future. If he wants to get treated like an authority figure, that’s exactly what’ll happen.