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Patrick Mahomes buys brand-new Ferrari, part ownership of Royals

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes recently signed a massive 10-year deal to remain with the team for the majority of his career, if not the entirety of it, and now he’s putting it to good use.

Mahomes had been playing on his rookie contract, but now that he’s been named league MVP, and helped a team win a Super Bowl — it became time to pay the piper. And that’s exactly what the Chiefs did, signing him to a hefty deal worth up to $503 million.

It’s safe to say Mahomes now has some wiggle room in terms of his spending power, and he treated himself to a new toy, as well as a sensible long-term investment.

The Royals announced Mahomes bought into the team, becoming a part-owner of the franchise that’s valued at roughly $1 billion.

And given that he now has to travel around a bit more, he bought himself a vehicle to help him do so. Check out his brand-new Ferrari.

Life is good for Mahomes, that’s for sure.