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Patrick Mahomes has great take on being awarded massive $500M+ contract

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes shattered the previous record for an athlete’s contract — for any sport — and it’s safe to say he’ll be remaining in Kansas City for quite some time.

The Chiefs made it clear that they were making a long-term commitment to the dual-threat quarterback, and that’s exactly what they did. They didn’t want any distractions popping up in future years about a potential trade or contract extension, so they did what any team should do if they want to build around a superstar player for years to come — lock him up with a long-term deal.

That’s what they did, and then some.

Mahomes not only received more years (10) than any player in NFL history, but he also shattered the record for compensation, with the possibility to make up to $503 million over that time period.

Mahomes took to Twitter soon after, reacting to the big news.

Congrats to both Mahomes and the Chiefs, for what appears to be a win-win deal for both sides.