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Paul George, Chris Paul reflect on heated altercation during game

It’s sure beginning to look like Paul George isn’t viewed in a positive light by a number of other players around the league, and what took place during a recent showdown between the Suns and Clippers was just another example.

Devin Booker and Paul George got into it at one point during the game, and they had to be separated by teammates. Chris Paul jumped in at one point, sticking up for Booker. And even after that happened, they still continued to exchange verbal jabs, with Booker appearing to call George “soft,” with a NSFW spin.

PG13 was asked about the altercation after the game, and he seemed to feel his perceived reputation played a role in what happened.

“I was talking to the ref, CP jumped in and it escalated from there,” George said, via “Like I said, I’ve never had any words talking, there was never any altercation, there was always peace when I am on the floor, but for whatever reason, there’s a lot of chirping and people just living in the past.”

Paul downplayed the incident when asked about it after the game.

“It is what it is, man,” he said. “We just keep playing and move on.”

We can’t wait until these two teams square off again in the future. They actually aren’t scheduled to play again in the regular season, so we’ll have to hope for a postseason matchup.