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President Donald Trump takes shots at NBA in response to players’ strike

The NBA’s players have been extremely critical of President Donald Trump, so when he was given a platform to fire back on Thursday, he took full advantage of the opportunity.

It wasn’t just the sports world that took note of the Milwaukee Bucks players’ decision to go on strike just before their scheduled game against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday, but the entire world as a whole.

And while it’s unclear exactly when the NBA will resume playing postseason games in the bubble, the players did agree to continue on with the playoffs, so the action on the hardwood will likely be taking place at some point this weekend once again.

In the meantime, President Donald Trump was asked by reporters about the players’ decision to go on strike, and he took some shots at the league and those affiliated with it in doing so.

“I don’t know about the NBA protest,” Trump began. “I know their ratings have been very bad because I think people are tired of the NBA, frankly. I don’t know too much about the protest, but I know their ratings have been very bad and that’s unfortunate.

“They’ve become a political organization, and that’s not a good thing for sports or the country.”

One would expect the NBA’s players to fire back, but they’ve already voiced their opinion about POTUS so many times that the entire world already knows how they feel about him.