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Reporter gives firsthand review of Magic City’s wings to ‘investigate’ Lou Williams’ claim

Lou Williams was willing to risk it all simply for a few hot wings, during a year in which the Clippers are positioned to potentially win a title, no less, so one particular reporter looked into how tasty the food from the popular strip club really is.

Magic City certainly isn’t known for its food, and this is the first we’ve heard of anyone talking that up. Instead, the popular gentlemen’s club is known for the women that go the extra mile stripping down and dancing on stage, as well as the celebrities that often attend. It’s the place to be in Atlanta, and essentially serves as the social epicenter of the city.

But Williams has continued to rave about Magic City’s lemon-pepper wings, sticking to his story that the food is what drove him to visit the strip club. That’s why The Athletic’s Hawks beat reporter elected to hit up Magic City to see what the fuss was about. He tried the wings, and raved about them.

The wings may be great, but let’s be honest: People go for the view, and the ambience, not the food.