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Ron Rivera addresses if Alex Smith can compete for starting QB job

The Redskins have a lot of question marks heading into their 2020 season, and the most important position on their roster is among them.

Dwayne Haskins looked like he had no business playing in a football game at the NFL level in his rookie season, and the team’s new regime hasn’t really given him a ringing endorsement going forward. They didn’t draft him, after all.

As such, that’s opened the door for a quarterback competition, heading into training camp. Kyle Allen could be in the mix, as Rivea coached him in Carolina, with the young signal-caller starting a number of games.

But let’s not forget about veteran quarterback Alex Smith, who has plenty of experience, and was once a stalwart under center for the 49ers and Chiefs. He’s been recovering from a major leg injury he suffered in the 2018 season, and last played in an NFL game on Nov. 18 of that year.

If you ask Rivera, though, Smith, if healthy, is in position to compete for the starting job. He told reporters that if Smith is cleared to play, he “becomes part of the quarterback competition,” according to the Washington Post.

“I still think it’s a competition because we have a longer period of time than I anticipated,” he said. “This will be a pure competition. The big thing more than anything else is it will be about how each guy develops. We’ll have to try and create as many game-like situations in our practice as possible so we can get a good evaluation of our quarterbacks.”

It seems like the Redskins are being noncommittal on, well, everything.