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Scott Brooks shoots down notion that Wizards will trade Bradley Beal

The Wizards are awful, as they currently sport a 3-12 record, which has them sitting at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings. And the team really hasn’t shown any signs to indicate they’ll be pulling out of that hole anytime soon.

As such, there’s been trade talk surrounding Bradley Beal. The Wizards sharpshooter truly can do it all, as he can play on or off the ball. He can shoot from all over the floor, and is also a solid defender as well. And given that he’s been stuck on an awful Wizards team since the beginning of his career, it’s fair to assume he’ll be extremely motivated if traded to a legitimate contender.

It makes too much sense not to trade Beal, as his stock is sky-high, and the Wizards won’t be competing for a playoff berth anytime soon. They have a few young pieces to build around, and it would make more sense to stockpile draft capital, like the Thunder have done.

But the Wizards are a poorly-run organization, with a bad head coach. And while Scott Brooks may not have much say in the decision, he did recently announce that the team has no plans to trade Beal at this time.

“Brad and I have never talked about it,” Brooks said, via Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington. “We know that’s part of it. We haven’t won, and when you don’t win, teams think that you’re just gonna throw the towel in and give up, that you’re just gonna want to get rid of your good players. So, that’s all part of the business. Brad is no different. He’s one of the best players in the league; of course every team would want him. But the good part about it is the team he’s on loves him the most. I love coaching him. He wants to be here; he signed an extension. He didn’t have to.”

We don’t believe a word of that, and it’s likely that the Wizards are simply looking to drive up the asking price for their superstar guard.