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Hawks fan who got kicked out of game for harassing LeBron James explains her actions

Very few people in the sports world knew who Juliana Carlos was before Monday’s Hawks-Lakers game, but they sure do now.

Carlos went viral nearly immediately after she was kicked out of the game at State Farm Arena, for harassing Lakers superstar LeBron James. She was heard arguing with security while the game was stopped, while in her courtside seats, as you can see in this video below.

It wasn’t long before she was escorted out of the arena, and she sure had a lot to say about it. The woman was identified soon after by her Instagram account, on which she posted this video — sharing her side of the story.

So apparently, she claims she was defending her husband, because he was stared down by James. That’s laughable, and certainly wasn’t good reason to say she was going to “f— him up,” and whatever else she claims to have said.

She’s just another sports fan who attempted to inject herself into the game, when she should’ve just sat and enjoyed the courtside view.