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Tiger Woods raves about Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau has burst onto the PGA scene, as he now drives the ball far further than anyone else on the tour.

It was the quarantine that completely changed his game, as he became quite muscular, packing on 40 pounds during that time. He leveraged that additional size to win the Rocket Mortgage Classic, destroying the competition by crushing the ball.

In fact, DeChambeau became the first player to win with a 350+ driving average, which is ridiculous, when you sit down and think about it.

Even Tiger Woods — who was once the best driver on the tour — has taken note of it, paying DeChambeau a huge compliment recently.

“He’s gotten stronger, faster, bigger and has created more speed. He’s hitting it further, but let’s look at the fact that he’s hitting it as straight as he is,” Woods said, via NBC Sports Golf. “That’s the part that’s the most difficult thing to do. The farther you hit it, the more the tangent goes more crooked. So the fact that he’s figured that out and has been able to rein in the foul balls, to me, has been equally as impressive as his gains off the tee distance-wise.”

Those are some great points, as everyone talks about DeChambeau’s driving prowess, but his accuracy is strong as well.