Tom Brady early bedtime rumors appear to be true

Tom Brady may be the greatest quarterback of all time, but he sure has struggled in night games this season.

Brady has a 1-2 record playing in games later than a 4 p.m. ET start this season, and he’s lucky not to be winless. If Giants tight end Evan Engram had caught a pass he clearly should’ve in their Week 8 showdown, then the Bucs would be 0-3 in night games.

As such, there’s been a lot of talk about their evening struggles, heading into Monday’s primetime showdown with the Rams. There have been whispers about Brady going to bed between 8 and 9 p.m. ET each night, but he never addressed them.

Apparently, there’s some validity to them, according to ESPN’s Suzy Kolber, who addressed the topic on “Monday Night Countdown.”

“Tom did joke he is usually in bed by 9:15 pm,” Kolber said. “That’s not an age thing; that’s a health thing.”

A health thing, indeed.

[H/T: Larry Brown Sports]