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Tom Brady talks up cryptocurrency at virtual conference

Tom Brady is not only one of the greatest players to have ever stepped foot on the gridiron, but he’s also a savvy businessman, so when he talks, everyone listens.

Brady’s brand — TB12 — has been successful on many levels. He’s written a book, “The TB12 Method,” which has fared well on the marketplace. Not only that, he’s also launched a number of fitness and nutrition products over the past few years as well.

And now it appears he’ll be investing some of his money in cryptocurrency.

Brady may be a bit late to the party, given that the current Bitcoin stock price is $38,186, with Ethereum at $2,719.74. But there are still a number of other options still available at a fair price, with a number of other startups emerging as well.

And Brady has apparently taken an interest in them. He spoke at the Coindesk Consensus! virtual conference on Thursday, and revealed that he’s been following cryptocurrency closely.

“In this particular space of crypto I am still learning so much, it is definitely something I am going to be in for a long time, it is definitely a marathon,” Brady said, via Independent.

He also addressed why he added red laser eyes — often associated with Bitcoin — to his Twitter profile.

“I have been following that community for a while on Twitter, someone had called me out to change my profile picture and use the laser eyes, in my understanding it was really a vote of confidence to really get into the conversation as I am such a big believer in crypto and where things are headed in the world. I’m listening to everybody and I am excited to continue to learn,” he said.

We’ve been interested, too. But it’s hard not to be kicking ourselves for not buying Bitcoin or Ethereum in the past.