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Tom Brady wishes Gisele a happy 40th birthday

Tom Brady and his supermodel wife are one of the world’s most successful power couples. They are the ultimate jock and prom queen couple.

The Brazilian supermodel turned 40 on Monday, and her husband, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, celebrated with a touching Instagram post.

TB12 is quoting Stevie Wonder’s hit song “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.”

Nice touch.

Gisele said she wants to plant 40,000 trees for her birthday. She will be planting the huge number of trees in the Amazon rainforest to mark the milestone.

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Podemos nunca saber o impacto das sementes que plantamos, mas, mesmo assim, acredito que elas têm que ser plantadas. Em 2004, visitei uma aldeia indígena na floresta amazônica. Pude ver de perto tanto seu profundo conhecimento da natureza, quanto os problemas de saúde e ambientais criados pelo desmatamento. Saí de lá determinada a fazer algo para ajudar. A primeira iniciativa que apoiei na época foi a campanha "Y Ikatu Xingu" do ISA. Agora, 14 anos depois, chamei a ISA para me ajudar a plantar árvores para o meu aniversário. Para minha surpresa, soube que daquele projeto nasceu a maior rede de sementes nativas do Brasil, a "Rede de Sementes do Xingu" que já ajudou a restaurar mais de 6,6 mil hectares (cerca de um milhão de árvores) de áreas degradadas, e também provê renda para 560 coletores – a maioria deles mulheres nativas. Fiquei muito feliz em saber que aquela sementinha plantada lá atrás deu lindos frutos e, hoje, vamos utilizar esta rede de sementes para fazer o plantio do meu aniversário e continuar esta corrente para restaurar a natureza. Só tenho gratidão! 🙏🏼🌱 We may never know the impact of the seeds we plant…but they must be planted! In 2004, I visited an Indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest. I was able to see up close the natives’ deep knowledge and appreciation of nature, and the health and environmental problems created by deforestation. I was determined to do something to help. In 2006, the first project I supported was called “Y Ikatu Xingu” from ISA to help restore the land and support the local communities.Fourteen years later, I called ISA to ask if they could help me plant trees for my upcoming birthday. To my surprise, I learned that the Y Ikatu Xingu project we supported back in 2006 had created an amazing “seed bank” that has already helped to restore more than 6,600 hectares of degraded land, and helped over 560 collectors –most native women –earn a steady income.It has made me so happy to know that the little seeds we planted so many years ago have developed into so much life. Today we are going to use this same seed bank to plant 40,000 trees for my birthday-and continue to regenerate nature. Gratitude!

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Tom and Gisele can do no wrong.

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