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Tommy Sheppard shoots down rumor of Bradley Beal requesting trade ahead of NBA Draft

The Bradley Beal trade rumors have been swirling for years, and it sure doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon.

Washington brought in Russell Westbrook to play alongside Beal last offseason, in an attempt to lighten the load on their star guard, but it just wasn’t enough. Westbrook is inconsistent, and aside from those two, the roster really lacks proven talent. The Wizards were lucky to back into the playoffs, and they got dismantled by the Sixers, who made quick work of them.

Beal has spent the entirety of his career with the Wizards, and that’s why it wouldn’t be surprising that he’d want to play somewhere else, given that he’s still in his prime. But he hasn’t publicly indicated that he’s looking to be moved.

The latest rumors have intimated Beal is unhappy about the Wizards’ decision to hire Wes Unseld Jr. as head coach, and that he’s looking to be traded before the NBA Draft. But general manager Tommy Sheppard is saying otherwise.

Sheppard can say what he wants, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The asking price may be high, but we’re willing to bet the Wizards trade Beal at some point during the offseason, although it probably won’t happen on Thursday.