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Watch Nick Chubb screw Browns bettors on final play of Texans game

Browns running back Nick Chubb did what Todd Gurley elected not to on the final offensive play on Sunday’s game against the Texans, and bettors were not happy about it.

To Chubb’s credit, his decision was the correct one, as the Browns were clinging to a 10-7 lead with under a minute remaining. Cleveland’s players and coaching staff isn’t concerned with covering the spread, as their goal is to win games, and that’s what they did on Sunday.

The play in question happened with under a minute remaining, when Chubb made a few would-be tacklers miss, then broke free with no Texans players in the vicinity to bring him down. He ran down the sideline, but instead of scoring, went out of bounds at the one-yard line.

It was a smart play, as the Browns went into victory formation, and after two kneeldowns, they emerged victorious. However, those who bet the Browns — who were laying anywhere from 3.5 to 4.5 points — were not happy about it. The Texans had no timeouts, and Chubb could’ve scored if he wanted to, but his decision was the correct one, despite what Gambling Twitter thought.