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Which point guards are the Lakers targeting this offseason?

The defending champion Lakers couldn’t even advance to the second round of the playoffs this season, so it’s expected that they’ll make at least one major splash during the offseason.

Los Angeles fields one of the best frontcourts in the league, but there are a few clear roster holes, specifically at point guard. The Lakers traded for Dennis Schroder last November, in hopes that he’d be able to anchor their backcourt for years to come. Well, that move hasn’t worked out well, as he’s a liability on the defensive end, and doesn’t seem to have great chemistry with LeBron James.

And that’s why the rumor mill is swirling with talk about a potential sign-and-trade involving Schroder. But even if they aren’t able to move him in the near future, it still appears likely that the team will be in the market for a veteran point guard to start in the backcourt. Lucky for them, a few big-name players might be available.

Both Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook are on the Lakers’ list, apparently, according to a report from The Undefeated.

We could see either of these players landing with the Lakeshow, as CP3 is close friends with James, and it’s been indicated that they’d like to play together at some point in their careers. As for Westbrook, he’s from LA, so a return home could be in the cards.

Buckle up for an interesting summer.