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Mason Crosby still hoping Aaron Rodgers reports to training camp

Where in the world is Aaron Rodgers?

Well, not many people really know, but Packers kicker Mason Crosby hopes that answer will soon be “at training camp.”

Rodgers has been attempting to force his way out of Green Bay since the 2020 season ended, when he made it clear he no longer wanted to play for the team, as long as Brian Gutekunst is running the show as general manager.

Well, it doesn’t appear Gutekunst is going anywhere. As for Rodgers, he’s yet to report for training camp, and he’s costing himself money.

He doesn’t really seem to care all that much, though, as he hosted Jeopardy! earlier in the year. Not only that, he participated in “The Match” just two weeks ago. So he seems to have time to play golf, but not to throw a football for the team that he signed a contract with a few years ago.

One of his friends, Mason Crosby, is still holding out hope that Rodgers will report to training camp. The Packers kicker has stayed in touch with Rodgers, and he continues to be optimistic about the quarterback’s participation with his teammates going forward.

“Every time I talk to him, text him, whatever, I leave it with, ‘See ya in July,'” Crosby said, during an appearanceĀ on The Wild and Tausch Show. “Just keep feeding that thing, positive [reinforcement], just ‘See ya in July. As long as he doesn’t say, ‘No, I’m not coming.’ It’s hopeful that he’ll be there.”

Rodgers doesn’t really have any other options if he wants to play this season, as it sure doesn’t look like the Packers will trade him. They’re willing to wait it out, as they have all the leverage, with Rodgers under contract through the 2022 season.