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White House releases powerful statement about major American sports leagues resuming play

The coronavirus pandemic turned the world on its head earlier this year, with all the major American sports leagues having to postpone play, but all of a sudden, they’re coming back soon.

MLB Opening Day is today, as the league will finally be able to play its first regular-season games of the 2020 season. And that’s not all, either.

The NHL and NBA will both resume play in roughly one week, with Major League Soccer having already begun its MLS Is Back tournament. It’s crazy to think about, but all of a sudden, all these leagues will be ramping up play.

Even President Trump and the powers that be at the White House have taken note, as they released a powerful statement about it on Thursday.

Sports are, indeed, essential, and if they can be played safely, without spreading the virus, we’re totally hear for it. Great call by the White House.