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Zion Williamson believes he could play TE, WR in NFL

It appears LeBron James isn’t alone in believing he could’ve played football at the highest level, with another young NBA star joining the party.

Zion Williamson may only be 20 years of age, and he’s still waiting for the privilege to legally purchase alcohol — among other things — but he thinks he could play wide receiver or tight end in the NFL.

Williamson recently appeared on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast, and he told NFL legend Shannon Sharpe all about it.

“Yeah, I believe I could,” Williamson said. “I’m just a competitor. I think I would either do tight end or receiver, one of those two.”

We’ve never seen him play football, but Williamson sure is built like an NFL’er, standing six-foot-seven and weighing roughly 284 pounds. If he can catch passes and block, we could possibly envision him playing tight end. But it’s hard to imagine he’d be technical enough with his footwork to run routes as an NFL receiver. There’s just so much nuance involved, especially in the more complex offenses, which often require receivers to run option routes.

He’s only 20, so maybe Williamson could try the whole dual-sport athlete thing at some point, although it didn’t work out well for Bo Jackson.