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Eagles fans send a message to GM with ‘Fire Howie!’ chant at Phillies game

Philadelphia sports fans are a passionate bunch, and they make sure to share their opinions in the most direct way possible, more than any other fan base.

And while there were times when there was a lot of optimism about the state of the city’s sports teams, there isn’t much of that going on right now. The Flyers have been mired in mediocrity for quite awhile, and even though there was once a lot of title talk about the Eagles and Phillies, that’s come to a grinding halt.

The Phillies are learning that signing a superstar outfielder — Bryce Harper, in this particular instance — doesn’t guarantee a trip to the World Series. As for the Eagles, it’s been all downhill since their Super Bowl win. There are tons of question marks on defense, and also for the most important position on any roster: quarterback.

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman has heard a lot of criticism as a result, and that noise even followed him to a MLB game between the Giants and Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Roseman attended the game, and fans soon got word of it. A “Fire Howie!’ chant broke out at one point, which is right on brand for how sports fans in that city operate.

The most Philly moment ever.