Everson Griffen fires up Cowboys fans with introductory video

The Cowboys didn’t do a good job of generating pass rush from their front four defensive linemen, but they addressed that area of need in a big way this week.

Dallas signed the top pass-rusher still on the free-agent market — Everson Griffen — to a team-friendly deal on Thursday. At only one year, and costing them only $5.81 million, the Cowboys did a great job of bringing in a veteran player who will fill a key void immediately, and will be incentivized to put up big numbers as well.

It’s unclear how the Cowboys convinced Griffen to join them, rather than the Seahawks — a world-class organization known for winning — but whatever their pitch, it looks like Griffen is fired up to play for them.

He took to social media after the big news to address Cowboys fans, and he was quite passionate in doing so.

Cowboys fans likely can’t wait to see him bring that energy onto the football field.