Johnny Manziel fires back at Darren Rovell on Twitter


Former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel is no longer a professional football player, but he still manages to find his way into the headlines.

This week Manziel made more headlines for a video he posted on his IG Account.

See below:

In the video, Manziel is seen doing a front flip off of the roof of a house into a pool. This led to a cheap shot from ActionNetwork reporter Darren Rovell.

Rovell posted a tweet on Wednesday with old Sports Illustrated covers, one describing the end of Alex Rodriguez’s career and the other praising, “Johnny Football,” in his time at Texas A&M. The tweet did not sit well with Manziel.

The man formerly known as Johnny Football responded to his dig:

Johnny Football hasn’t lost a step. Now we can all patiently wait for Rovell’s response.

But something tells me he’ll probably sit this round out.


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