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Maurizio Sarri has hilarious take on social media use

Don’t expect Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri to be joining social media anytime soon.

It’s been said that there’s an outlet for everyone, as Instagram allows users to follow and keep up with their favorite brands and small businesses, with Twitter making sure its audience is informed about the 24/7 news cycle, when pertinent tidbits and hits break. And then there’s Facebook, where family members can keep in touch with one another.

Well, none of them are in Sarri’s wheelhouse, apparently.

He was asked if he’s been hearing recent criticism of him circulating around the internet, and he delivered a funny take about social media.

“Honestly, I don’t pay much attention to criticism, I always try to be focused only on what I can do,” he said during a news conference, via

“I don’t know what people say on social media because I’m not on them and I will never be in my life. If we talk, instead, of people in the streets, I only receive support and affection.”

Too bad. We were hoping he and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick would join in the future.