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Masahiro Tanaka has funny spin on getting hit in head by line drive

Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka was involved in a scary incident during a recent scrimmage, when he got drilled in the head by a Giancarlo Stanton line drive, but he found a way to inject some humor into the situation.

Luckily, Tanaka was OK, in the end. The team made sure to take all precautions, though, as they immediately transported him to the hospital, where he was looking at by doctors, and eventually released.

Tanaka did come out and say he hasn’t experienced any concussion symptoms since, so it looks like he’ll be OK going forward.

And as for potentially being spooked by the whole situation, it doesn’t appear that’s the case. In fact, quite the opposite, as Tanaka said he’s watched the video “many times.”

We’re glad to hear he’ll be OK going forward, and that the Yankees will have him in their starting rotation.