New York Yankees’ Aaron Hicks dating Tiger Woods’ niece Cheyenne


New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks drew eyeballs last Thursday when he was among the first MLB players to kneel during the national anthem upon the season’s delayed start.

Hicks explained his reason for kneeling during the anthem in an interview with USA Today.

According to USA Today, Hicks told manager Aaron Boone during a team meeting his intentions to kneel during the national anthem prior to their game against the Washington Nationals. 

Now it appears Hicks may be involved in another breaking news story. This one centered around his love life.

Our sources tell us Hicks is now dating Cheyenne Woods, who happens to be Tiger Woods’ niece.

Hicks had a baby on January 14th, 2019 with his ex girlfriend Jessica Knoles when they were still together, and they broke up immediately after. They then got back together last summer, and he had another son with her on May 6, 2020, they have since broken up. Now he already has a new girlfriend, golfer Cheyenne Woods.

Here are some screenshots of Hicks liking some of Cheyenne’s IG posts:

Over the weekend Hicks and Cheyenne were also spotted on a Zoom call together.

See below:

A closer look below:

The couple that zooms together, stays together.

I wonder how Tiger feels about his niece dating a Yankee?

You can check out more of Tiger’s niece below:
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